The Place for Manufacturing

Elk Grove Village manufacturers fuel the local and global economy by transforming raw materials into critical parts for products and designs that make, shape and create the world we live in.

According to the 2015 PAGI Report, "Manufacturers are drawn to the area because of the strong workforce availability and access to public transit, connecting to the CBD and suburbs."

Manufacturing sectors include precision machining, plastics, electronics, industrial services and more. As an Elk Grove, you reap the benefits of: 


The Made in Elk Grove Manufacturing & Technology Expo

elk grove manufacturing expo

"Let's be clear, we can't be a prosperous nation or state unless we're making things here. That's what you guys do so I'm all in for it. Elk Grove Village is going to boom — with your mindset towards investment growth and job creation." –Governor Bruce Rauner at the 2015 Expo. 

The Made in Elk Grove Manufacturing & Technology Expo is an exclusive community for OEMs and manufacturers to Connect, Collaborate and Cultivate relationships with other local manufacturers. 

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