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Have you ever thought about expanding your business? It can be both exciting as well as challenging. But imagine having one point of contact to help you throughout the entire process. From making sense of the 6B tax incentive application to finding an architect to work on infrastructure improvements, Elk Grove makes it easy by assigning one point of contact to each business. So when it comes time to expand, you'll know exactly who to contact for help.

Read on to learn how one Elk Grove business (that's been here since the 70s!) has benefited from Elk Grove's "friendly" approach throughout the entire business expansion process.

In the 1970s, Bob Parmley and his partner saw potential in Savage Bros. Co., a confectionery equipment company originally located in the west side of Chicago. The company was about to go under until Parmley and his partner purchased and relocated it to Elk Grove Village in 1976.

The company's main building currently occupies a 30,000 square foot space on Lunt Avenue. They also inhabit two nearby buildings with an additional 14,000 square feet, combined (In 2011, Savage Bros. added a new product line that needed more space to produce). Although the two additional spaces are not too far from the main building, Parmley decided to seek out a vacant space that could house all of Savage Bros. production needs under one roof.

When Parmley first started looking for opportunities last October, he reached out to Josh Grodzin, Director of Business Development and Marketing, to help with the process. They first met years ago through bi-monthly manufacturing meetings for executives and in 2013 worked together during the production of The Elk Grove Book.

Parmley expresses a lot of trust in Grodzin. "He's very understanding of our needs," said Parmley. "We trust his recommendations and his advice."

With Grodzin by his side, Parmley eventually found a space that was best suited for his team to make a plethora of candy-making machinery all in one spot: a consolidated 81,000 square foot building.

"Josh is very proactive at matching vacant buildings with the right businesses," noted Parmley.

To make the move a reality, they needed to qualify for a 6B tax incentive. And to be approved, the vacant space required infrastructure improvements including façade, signage, and landscaping upgrades.

Parmley knew of the 6B tax incentive, but the legal requirements were unclear until Grodzin thoroughly walked him through the property tax abatement process. He recommended a great attorney as well as an architect to collaborate on tackling the necessary requirements. Although the process can be tedious, Grodzin helped make it a bit more bearable and less nerve-racking.

Last Wednesday, Parmley received an email from his attorney stating that the Village unanimously approved his business for the 6B tax incentive. This means that Parmley is free to move forward with purchasing the new building located at 1825 Greenleaf Avenue and will focus on completing its necessary improvements.

When asked why Parmley chooses to keep his business in Elk Grove, he responded, "Space is affordable and being so close to O'Hare is a huge value, especially for our visiting customers." states Parmley.

80% to 90% of Savage Bros. vendors are within a 15-minute drive from the main building: "Elk Grove has such a variety of businesses. You'll always find vendors to help here and it's great to be so close by."

Ultimately, Parmley has been impressed by how incredibly intuitive the Village has been and how easy it is to work with them.

When expanding your business in Elk Grove, you don't have to work out the details alone —Elk Grove can assist you is throughout the process. Parmley's story reflects the "Beyond Business Friendly" philosophy that Elk Grove takes pride in each and every day.

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