Elk Grove Village is home to the largest industrial park in the United States with over 3,800 businesses and more than 400 manufacturers. We stand behind our philosophy as being the most “beyond business friendly” community by continuing to build and execute programs and initiatives that help support business growth. There’s nowhere quite like Elk Grove Village!

The Place for Manufacturing & Logistics

Elk Grove Village manufacturers fuel the local and global economy by transforming raw materials into critical parts for products and designs that make, shape and create the world we live in. While manufacturers rely on transportation to efficiently ship products (locally and globally) and improve business relationships, logistic companies are able to leverage the highly connected transportation area to expand its services.

The Industrial Park

Industrial Park Elk Grove Village

Home to 6 square miles of industrial park.

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Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure Elk Grove Village

Elk Grove’s upcoming plans to improve infrastructure.

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A Skilled Workforce

Skilled Workforce Elk Grove Village

Tap into Chicagoland’s large network of skilled workers.

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A Logistic Powerhouse

Logistics Elk Grove Village

Fueling the local and global economy.

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Elk Grove Technology Park

A new wave of technological innovation and business development

The Elk Grove Technology Park is in the beginning stages of infrastructure development. New buildings located at the technology park will feature high-end glass facade, modern pre-cast construction, energy-efficient systems and features, 32' ceiling clearance, and parking. Buildings range in size from 73,829 to 243,691 square feet. The park is ideal for industrial and technology businesses as well as data centers.

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