Imagine doing business ...

... In the Largest Consolidated Industrial Park in North America with a Highly Connected Transportation Hub, providing endless ways to ship and receive supplies and products. There are major highways; railways that travel far; and O’Hare International Airport where products are shipped globally every day. And your neighbors are also makers, creating a deep Local Supply Chain that enables new opportunities.

There’s nowhere quite like Elk Grove. 

Benefits of Elk Grove

Industrial Park

Industrial Park Elk Grove Village

Home to 6 square miles of industrial park.

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Infrastructure Elk Grove Village

Take a look at Elk Grove’s upcoming plans to improve infrastructure.

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Skilled Workforce

Skilled Workforce Elk Grove Village

Tap into Chicagoland’s large network of skilled workers.

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Manufacturing Elk Grove Village

Elk Grove Village is the place for manufacturers.

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Logistics Elk Grove Village

Recognized as a top Logistic Powerhouse in North America.

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