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In the bustling industrial landscape of Elk Grove Village, Illinois, a remarkable success story has unfolded over the years – that of Northstar Foods. What started as a modest venture has grown into a thriving business that reaches customers across 23 states, offering a wide range of products, including specialty sausages, deli meats, smoked fish, and more. The owners, John and Donna Nowobilski, have worked as a team to become prominent players in the food industry.

Under John's leadership, Northstar Foods has witnessed significant growth and expansion, a journey that began in 2004 when they strategically relocated to Elk Grove Village. The Village offered ample space at a reasonable cost, provided close proximity to major highways and offered a central location within the Northwest Chicago Suburbs. This move paved the way for Northstar Foods to create a distinctive campus-like environment, with three interconnected buildings encompassing an impressive 68,000 square feet.

“Elk Grove Village is a great location surrounded by many good access highways. You can easily get where you need to be.” -John Nowobilski

A significant milestone was the creation of a tunnel that seamlessly connects Northstar Foods' trio of buildings. This passageway has streamlined production operations because products no longer need to be transported between adjacent buildings by truck. The Village worked in partnership with Northstar Foods to overcome challenges associated with this project so they could take advantage of this opportunity for increased efficiency. Northstar Foods honored the Village’s collaborative efforts by naming the passageway after Elk Grove Mayor Craig Johnson at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 8th, 2023. This partnership between Northstar Foods and Elk Grove Village exemplifies the town's commitment to nurturing local businesses and spurring innovation.

In 2022, Northstar Foods proudly opened a retail storefront at 2575 American Lane, allowing customers to explore their extensive product line of more than 120 varieties of deli meats, sausages, smoked fish, and specialty foods. This expansion was a result of local demand and a desire to showcase the variety of Northstar Foods offerings. The community's positive response reaffirmed the business's connection with the people it served.

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