Stern Pinball Min

Stern Pinball is the oldest and largest designer and manufacturer of arcade-quality pinball games. Their business continues to have record sales and outgrew its current building in the Village, which led them to relocate and expand their operations to 1001 Busse Road, which offers an additional 60,000 sq. ft. of operational space. 

Stern Pinball's decision to invest $5 million in a significant expansion within Elk Grove Village further reflects the compelling logistical advantages of the Village's location. With this expansion, Stern Pinball plans to add 50 jobs to their facility, totaling approximately 190 jobs with a contractual labor force of 300 employees. The facility on Busse Road will modernize and consolidate all of Stern’s operations and production into a single location with a 163,875 sq. ft. footprint. The new location will also include a new showroom and retail space and the opportunity for additional expansion in the future. 

“When we outgrew our original space, we considered a number of other locations, including out-of-state. In the end, working with the Mayor, the Board, and the staff at Elk Grove Village was something we didn’t want to give up, and being part of the industrial park made the most sense for our needs.” -Dave Peterson, Co-Owner and Vice Chairman of Stern Pinball.

In addition to Stern's aspirations for growth in Elk Grove Village, they collaborated with Mikerphone Brewing to intertwine the realms of beer and pinball, fostering a mutually advantageous partnership. Mikerphone installed four pinball machines at their establishment to enrich the customer experience, alongside the introduction of a new beer named "Stern up the Volume," which made its debut at a pinball expo in 2023.

Stern’s collaborations have extended beyond Elk Grove Village, showcasing a diverse range of partnerships to enhance the pinball experience for enthusiasts and reach broader audiences. They recently partnered with Marvel, releasing Venom in 2023, The Avengers in 2021, and the Foo Fighters, incorporating 15 of their iconic songs into the pinball machine. Stern has also created machines to feature iconic movies such as Jaws, 007, Star Wars’ Mandalorian, Jurassic Park, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Overall, Stern's investment in Elk Grove Village will facilitate the expansion of its operations. Their collaborations with various businesses, musicians, and entertainment franchises demonstrate their commitment to innovation and expanding the appeal of pinball to diverse audiences. These partnerships enhance the pinball experience and contribute to the game's broader cultural significance.

Learn more about Stern Pinball in the March 2024 Block Party edition or on their website: