Cook County 6B and 7B

Property approved for Class 6B or 7B status allows the owner of industrial and commercial property to have the assessment level lowered for a period of twelve years. The assessment schedule is 10% of fair market value for ten years than 15% in the eleventh year and 20% in the twelfth year. Industrial and commercial property is currently assessed at 25% of fair market value in Cook County.

Illinois Department of Commerce - Economic Development Tax Credits (EDGE)

The EDGE program is designed to offer a special tax incentive to encourage companies to locate or expand operations in Illinois when there is active consideration of a competing location in another State.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

TIF is a public financing method that is used to spur redevelopment, infrastructure, and other community-improvement projects. Through the use of TIF, municipalities can dedicate future tax revenues of a particular designated area for redevelopment projects.

Reimbursable costs may include:

• The administration of a TIF redevelopment project

• Land acquisition

• Rehabilitation or renovation of existing public or private buildings

• Construction of public works or improvements

• Job training

• Relocation

• Financing costs, including interest assistance

• Studies, surveys and plans

• Marketing sites within the TIF

• Professional services, such as architectural, engineering, legal and financial planning

• Demolition and site preparation

Illinois Finance Authority (IFA)

The IFA issues tax-exempt Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (IRB's) on behalf of manufacturing companies to finance the acquisition of fixed assets including land, buildings and equipment. Bond proceeds may be used for either new construction or renovation, and may be used to purchase new equipment.